August 1, 2016, THORNICO launches its newest player on the shipping market, the dry bulk carrier Thorco Bulk. THORNICO already owns the project oriented carrier Thorco Shipping and with the opening of our second company, and thus expansion of the Thorco family, we aim to strengthen our business, offering a wider range of services to meet the needs and demands of our clients.

An Experienced and Earth-bound Team
Thorco Bulk will be an asset-light operator, primarily within the handy/supra segment. The team behind Thorco Bulk consists of the three Managing Directors Marc Sling­er, René Mikkelsen and Uffe Hansen. They all have years of experience within shipping and according to THORNICO owners, Thor and Christian Stadil, they constitute a strong team, which was a main reason for this joint venture to become a reality. ”René, Marc and Uffe have a great track record, great know-how and expertise within the field and furthermore, an eye for sound business practice. We thus believe that the business model is sound and puts us in a great position to capitalize on any synergies,” they both elaborate.
Thorco Bulk will be up and running on Monday, August 1, and the team look towards the future with great aspirations. “We are eager to get started and look forward to doing business. We value trust and open dialogue with all of our stakeholders and we strive to build close relationships in a professional environment. We have many years of experience from the dry bulk industry and together with a strong financial player as THORNICO, we believe we have a great set-up,” the three of them say.

A Sound Expansion
According to Thor Stadil, an expansion into the dry bulk segment, in the form of the new company Thorco Bulk, seems natural and complements the existing business very well. “During the last years, the lines be­tween the different shipping seg­ments have been fading and espe­cially bulk is a growing part of the business. We are very strong within project and as the segments overlap, it makes sense to expand the business to get closer to our clients and thus be able to serve them with a wider range of services,” he elaborates.
The two Thorco companies will be separate subsidiaries, each run­ning their businesses independently within bulk and project. Still, they will as sister companies be run very close­ly and according to CEO and Partner in Thorco, Thomas Mikkelsen, the synergies to be gained between the two are numerous. “The boundaries are inching closer together and more than ever, we find ourselves within each other’s segments. And we will, of course, col­laborate closely, however, without our customers becoming confused about the fact that we are two separate companies,” he finishes.

For further information, please contact:
Kiki Randrup
Head of Communications and Marketing, Thorco
Tel. 0045 2165 6937

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