4 windmills discharged in puerto montt

Thorco Reef discharging four complete windmills in Puerto Montt for the wind turbine project in Chile. An operation requiring both precision, thoroughness and great caution. The discharge, taking place in late February, took five days which is a bit longer than normal due to not only the accuracy needed with this kind of cargo but mostly due to the exceptional circumstances of the terminal. The jetty at Puerto Montt is only 63 metres long compared to our 160 metres vessel, which naturally causes a small challenge when discharging. In addition to this, it is not possible for the long trailers transporting especially the towers and wings to turn around at the jetty, and there is only room for one trailer at a time. We, moreover, had to adjust the order of discharge for changes in the logistics on shore.
However, we easily adjusted to the all the given circumstances and the job was well-executed and succesful, leaving our client satisfied, ”Thorco is working very well, positioning the vessels on time, without any deviations when arriving at the ports of destination, and furthermore always collaborative when resolving any incidence," Gamesa said.