At THORCO PROJECTS, we continue to strengthen our large network of offices and stay committed to provide prompt and appropriate attention to clients in the local markets we serve. With its prime geographic location and a multitude of new strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening its traditional ocean activities, Portugal is experiencing continuous growth. To further explore our opportunities in this market, we are thus pleased to announce that we have appointed Marship SA as our booking representative in Portugal.

Marship SA is an established player in the Portuguese market and possesses an important local knowhow. At THORCO PROJECTS, we have a proven track record of more than 15 years in project shipping and operate one of the world’s largest MPP fleets. Together with Marship SA, we will be offering the Portuguese charterers truly flexible, competitive and reliable solutions within a wide range of business areas.

Contact details: Marship SA, Lagoas Park – Edifício 8 – Piso, 12740-268 Porto Salvo pho: + 351 21 584 0589 – fax: + 351 21 584 0125 email: