Moving heavy tugs

This January, we shipped a couple of heavy tug boats, about 330ts and 23m long each, from China to Venezuela.
We thank our client for being so kind as to share this movie with us, featuring Thorco Isadora loading in Nansha.

The tugs were build at a shipyard in South China, close to Guangzhou, and loaded onto Thorco Isadora in Nansha.
The client was a Venezuelan compa­ny specializing within this field. The tugs will be used for both for offshore pur­poses i.e. for oil and gas client explora­tion, barging rigs, cranes etc. as well as for port mooring operations along the nearby Venezuelan coast line.
All in all, it was a smooth oper­ation, well planned and execut­ed. “We did a good job all the way around in the organization and we had great support from our techni­cal department from day one,” says Peter Bytoft, Managing Director at Thorco China at the time.
The tugs were successfully discharged in the beginning of March in La Guaira, Venezuela, and we are currently working on their next shipment of tugs.