As a leading MPP carrier, Thorco Projects holds one of the largest fleets in the world with a core fleet up to 20,000 DWT. However, with the establishment of a new division - Thorco Projects Dry Cargo, Thorco Projects expands their line of core services, moving into the segment from 20,000 to 35,000 DWT. A move that will strengthen the company´s profile to meet the needs and demands of their many clients.

The ability to keep developing and continuously searching for opportunities in the market is key to everything at Thorco Projects. The establishment of Thorco Projects Dry Cargo, once more shows the courage as well as flexibility to pursue growth.
“Over the years, we have experienced a continuously overlap between the MPP market into the smaller handy market, for which reason we see an increase in demand and thus an area which we believe we have the unique capabilities to fulfil,” CEO and Partner, Thomas Mikkelsen, says. “As a natural development of Thorco Projects and our core services, we wish to explore this segment from 20,000 to 35,000 DWT and have, therefore, established our new division – Thorco Projects Dry Cargo,” he adds.

Thorco Projects Dry Cargo will be run by two of Thorco Projects’ experienced charterers, Rasmus Olsen and Ulrik Engel, working from Copenhagen. Both are excited to widen their scope of work with this new division. “In Thorco Projects, we have expertise across a wide range of business areas essential to help our clients meet their business goals. We are very happy to be working in this new division, which further contributes to the diversity of our fleet, serving clients in the best possible way,“ they say.

Thorco Projects Dry Cargo is off to a good start and already is progressing. “We kick-started this project internally a month ago and I am happy to say that we already operate more than 10 vessels within this category with more to come. Our ambition is to grow and add more manpower to this division throughout our global network of offices,” Thomas Mikkelsen, ends.

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