HSEQ Policy

In our endeavour to be the carrier of choice of our clients, it is the policy of Thorco Projects to conduct all business activities in a responsible manner, ensuring the health, safety and security of people, the preservation of the environment and the quality of our services.

To achieve this business ethic, we utilize Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Management Systems which:
- provide a framework in compliance with client requirements
- assign clear roles and responsibilities regarding HSEQ
- identify, analyse, and effectively manage all risks arising from Thorco activities
- provide work systems, appropriate technology, tools and procedures meeting performance and compliance standards
- maintain a constant vigilance and readiness to prevent and, where required, respond to and effectively manage emergencies
- continually monitor and improve our HSEQ systems and performance, including reducing and preventing pollution, through an ongoing review of our objectives, targets, metrics, system gaps and implementation of proper corrective actions

In this way, we always secure a comprehensive and systematic planning and assessment of the dangers and risks of our activities, operations and processes across the entire value chain.

Being it onshore or at sea, risk assessment is an inherent part of our way of doing business.
Through our HSEQ strategy, we thus commit ourselves to continuously act in a safe, ethical, environmentally sound and legitimate manner, meeting both regulatory requirements and stakeholders’ expectations.