Greetings from Africa

We just received this year’s first Christmas greetings and this from our friends in Africa, sent to us from DINNødhjælp’s orphanage. DINNødhjælp is a voluntary association with their primary purpose being to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable children will get a life with more dignity.
DINNødhjælp rescues children who are stigmatized as witches. They aim to ensure that all children in Akwa Ibom State (Nigeria) accused of being so have the opportunity to go to school. They give the children a lot of love, care and support. Parallel to the orphanage, DINNødhjælp is also working to promote the importance of education, as they believe that education is the key in the fight against this superstition.
All the support that DINNødhjælp gets from its sponsors is used to run their center and to buy medicine and school supplies such as books and school uniforms. They also use the money on rescue missions and advocacy.
In 2016 DINNødhjælp is going to build a whole new orphanage where there will be room for 100 children.
We are proud to support the important and dedicated work that DINNødhjælp is doing in Africa.
For further information please visit their website, or the Facebook page of DINNødhjælp