Genius star VII in rescue operation

November 10, 2014, 12:00 PM UTC (14:00Lt), position: 36º23.′9N/020°48.′2E – North of Oran in Algeria, western part of the Mediterranean Sea, the Duty Officer on board Thorco Operated Motor Vessel Genius Star VII, received a distress call from Olimpia port radio regarding a yacht out of control caused by severe weather conditions. Olimpia port radio requested assistance to rescue the yacht – “Persistent Lady” with two persons on board. The Captain decided to turn the Genius Star VII heading towards the assigned GPS position, trying to locate the yacht in distress.
At 14:54 local time Genius Star VII approached the position without having any trace and or contact to the yacht. A new position was given by Olimpia port radio and it was plotted on the GPS for tracking. After following the new directions given by Olimpia port Genius Star VII managed to finally locate the yacht.
The crew on Genius Star VII sent a small guard line to the yacht, due to the high sea with 3 meter high waves, strong wind and continuous raining, the yacht and Genius Star VII were pitching and rolling heavily making the rescue operation very difficult. The small line forwarded to the yacht broke and several new attempts was made before “contact” with the yacht was established, and the crew onboard Genius Star VII managed to hoist/pick up first a woman(wife) at 17:46 local time, and later a man(husband) was picked up safely on board Genius Star VII.


The two rescued persons, a married couple James Scott and his wife Sherrin Scott both from New Jersey City, physical condition was evaluated. Mrs. Sherrin Scott was slightly injured with a wound in her Head and she received medical treatment and further observed for concussions. The husband was in good condition, the situation taken into consideration.
Due to the severe weather and the serious damage to the yacht, the crew on the Genius Star VII was forced to abandon the yacht and continue their voyage with the rescued couple from the Persistent Lady. During the departure the line between Genius Star VII and the yacht was ingested by the propeller and cut over, therefore at 18:32 local time Genius Star had to leave the yacht. Genius Star VII proceeded to their destination – Gibraltar for bunker at low speed.
Due to the bad weather conditions and low speed, Genius Start VII expects to arrive in Gibraltar today Thursday 13th NOV after a successful rescue operation well managed by the crew.