CO2 Emissions

We strive to reduce the CO2 emissions from vessels operated by THORCO PROJECTS. We have thus established a comprehensive fuel efficiency and performance program with a main objective to optimize the fuel consumption. The program contains elements of voyage monitoring, accurate voyage instructions, vessel performance management system implementation, hull and propeller cleaning and green vessels and retrofit of existing fleet.

In 2015, we further implemented a new global weather routing system, where all vessels are monitored by professional meteorologists. With this system the captain acquires updated weather forecasts on a daily basis, while also receiving professional advice from the meteorologist. This is to avoid accidents and weather damages as well as to optimize the voyage in a fuel efficiency perspective.

All vessels are now equipped with the performance systems allowing us to collect and better understand data. We have, moreover, begun developing our vessel engine performance, an important parameter in the performance systems. Vessel efficiency is not only having a clean bottom with good paint, it is also about having a maintained engine and a trained crew.