To strengthen the corporate identities of THORCO PROJECTS and THORCO BULK, THORCO BULK has, as the latest introduction to the THORNICO family, changed its name to TRITHORN BULK.

Today, our sister company THORCO BULK changes its name to TRITHORN BULK. This is a natural step to strengthen both our companies’ corporate identities. THORCO PROJECTS as well as THORCO BULK are owned by the global conglomerate THORNICO and are operated independently. As the similarity between our names seems to cause some confusion and difficulties for the wider world distinguishing between who is who, THORCO BULK has, as the latest introduction to the family, simply changed its name.

For more information, please contact
Kiki Randrup
Head of Communications and Marketing
Tel. +45 21656937 - email:kbr@thorcoprojects.com


At THORCO PROJECTS, we deliver innovative and highly efficient transport solutions customized to your individual requirements. We have the expertise across a wide range of business areas essential to help clients meet their business goals. Our main business areas are; project, heavy lift, dry cargo, oil and gas, wind energy, general cargo and steel as well yachts and boats.

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