Floating Cargo

Thorco Projects is a leader in the transportation of all kinds of marine crafts around the globe.

Our vessels features special lifting gear and appliances that allow for the safe handling of yachts, tugs and other sensitive floating cargoes. Our regular tradelanes ensure a speedy, safe and cost-efficient transportation.

Thorco Projects' engineers develop customized lifting/lashing arrangements, as well as cradle designs for the safe transport of your floating cargo. Maintaining our high technical standards is made possible through the performance of our highly skilled, motivated and competent crew aboard our vessels.

We can load and discharge boats and yachts directly out of and into the water - no need to call a port or jetty. All of our vessels are self-geared, thus saving unnecessary handling, time and money.

Whatever the size or shape, whatever the time or destination, Thorco Projects guarantees a smooth transportation of your craft.