Expanding new dry cargo division

Less than two months after the establishment of its new dry cargo division, Thorco Projects expands and adds more manpower to the team from its offices in both Houston and Rio de Janeiro.

Synergy For Success
At the end of 2017, Thorco Projects announced its new division Thorco Projects Dry Cargo. With a wish to explore possible synergies between project and dry cargo, the company added to its line of core services and moved into the segment of 20-35,000 DWT. The newly-established division is off to a good start and expanding the team is already a necessity. “Thorco Projects Dry Cargo has been well-received by the market. Due to an ever-increasing activity, we are required to expand even further. Accordingly, Morten Thaarup, Houston, Michael Jørgensen and Jean Noronha, Rio de Janeiro, have joined the division. All three of them have years of experience and a strong local know-how. Moreover, adding from the US and Brazil allows us to be closer to clients and strengthens our position in the Atlantic market,” CEO and Partner, Thomas Mikkelsen, says.

Practice Makes Perfect
Thorco Projects builds on a strong foundation of project shipping and has the expertise across a wide range of business areas essential to help clients reach their goals. A track record which boosts productivity, also when dealing with dry cargo. “Thanks to our long-standing experience and high level of expertise, we are able to offer our clients truly flexible solutions,” Houston Vice President, Morten Thaarup, says. “For one thing, we are excellent at parceling and combining different types of cargo, which in the end increases flexibility and enables us to offer clients the best solutions tailored to their needs,” he explains.
The dry cargo division is a natural extension of Thorco Projects’ existing business portfolio, which Thomas Mikkelsen believes is the main reason for their great start, “This is simply an area in which we have the unique capabilities and the plan is to use our existing platform to grow even further within dry cargo.”

To get in touch with Thorco Projects Dry Cargo, please email drycargo@thorcoprojects.com

For additional information, please contact:
Kiki Randrup, Head of Communications and Marketing: Tel. 004521656937 × E-mail: kbr@thorcoprojects.com