As a THORNICO company, we practice Company Karma. As is the case in the THORNICO Group and all the different companies, we strive to ”do good” while doing business, as a way to create more value for society, however, also for the company itself.

In order to generate a daily commitment to Company Karma and secure awareness of the corporate responsibilities, Thorco Projects has implemented a set of guiding policies called “Company Karma Policies,” developed by the THORNICO Group emanating from the UN Global Compact Principles.

- human is our devotion to the well-being of the people working with us and around us. We are committed to supporting the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, both in respect to employees and partners, but also on a larger societal level. Furthermore, we are committed to the fundamental principles and rights of labour and workplace, thus working hard to establish a safe, fair and healthy work environment that motivates the people who constitute the backbone of the company

- globe is our engagement in facing some of the environmental challenges that are constantly threatening the world we live in. Our globe is constantly confronted with environmental challenges, and notions like global warming, urbanization, lack of renewable energy sources and overpopulation have all become the natural course of our lives on earth. Within the principles of globe, we take great measures to secure a precautionary approach to these challenges and strives to minimize any negative environmental impact, our company might have.

- economy is our dedication to conducting our business activities in a sustainable way, dissociating the company from any illegal, corrupt and oppressing actions that hinders or creates disproportionate economic growth of society.

THORNICO Owner and CEO, Christian Stadil, explaining Company Karma.

Christian Stadil about Company Karma from Thornico A/S on Vimeo.